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Featuring the Milton® 5-in-ONE™ NPT Universal Safety Exhaust Coupler

Featuring the Milton® 5-in-ONE™ NPT Universal Safety Exhaust Coupler

Air hose connectors contribute to a safer workplace by making it simple to disengage fittings without the risk of injury. With Milton® ‘s 5-In-ONE™ safety exhaust couplers, safely release pressure from the connection between air hoses and for a quick and easy disconnection, without the worry of damaging property or hurting somebody nearby. Our safety air couplers are convenient, durable, and time-saving. Create a more flexible work environment with air fittings that feature a clear connection process, a steel body, and a wide range of multiple styles and size plug options.

The 5-In-ONE™ Universal Safety Exhaust ¼” NPT Coupler is designed to safely bleed off air pressure before releasing the plug. The coupler remains connected to the plug while pressurized air is safely bled off. This coupler connects to all major interchanges including Industrial (M-style®), High flow (V-Style), Automotive (T-Style), Aro (A-Style), and Lincoln (L-Style). All Milton® safety couplers are built of a rugged steel alloy with a push-connect and locking safety sleeve to withstand harsh automotive and fleet repair work bay environments. The full 1750 Series also features larger standard ⅜” H-P-style and ½” G-style safety couplers with special protective bumpers.

With its rugged steel body, the 5-In-ONE™ Universal Safety Exhaust Coupler is built to last. Additionally, the protective bumpers on the larger coupler sizes offer more assurance when dealing with industrial equipment. This powerful piece of equipment is now available with a national pipe thread fitting end and in the universal style for a more convenient and productive workspace. This time-saving safety exhaust coupler accepts 5 fittings so that you don’t need to continuously switch out the coupler for different tools. Get more done with the Milton® 5-In-ONE™ Universal Safety Exhaust Coupler.


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