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How To Select The Perfect Blow Gun - Featuring the Milton® S-153

How To Select The Perfect Blow Gun - Featuring the Milton® S-153

Milton® offers a line of affordable rubber tip blow guns for multiple industries, including manufacturing, industrial, and farming & agriculture. Blow guns can be used routinely in your workstation to clean surfaces, making your work environment safer.

The Milton® S-153 Lever Style Blow Gun is a rubber tip straight blow gun that’s made in the USA. If the rubber tip ever becomes damaged, the S-152 rubber tip is compatible to replace it. What’s so important about choosing the right blow gun for your work space? Use the checklist below to select the right one for you.


When searching for the right blow gun for the job at hand, it’s important to pay attention to certain features and specifications.

You must select a blow gun that can handle the maximum pressure that must be supplied.

The Milton® S-153 has a maximum working pressure of 150 pounds per square inch (psi).

Your input connection should be compatible with your air hose.

The Milton® S-153 has a ¼” national pipe thread air inlet to connect to air hoses.

The nozzle must be effective as an output port for your job.

Rubber tip straight blow guns, like the Milton® S-153, are perfect to use where leak-proof connection is required when blowing out fluid lines. Whereas, a metal tip could mar delicate finish in molds or painted surfaces.

To learn more about the Milton® ¼” NPT Lever Style Blow Gun and Milton®’s full line of pneumatic tools and accessories, visit


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