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Meet the Milton® S-148 Lever Blow Gun

Meet the Milton® S-148 Lever Blow Gun

Do you have the right blow tool for the job? Do you want to make sure you have an OSHA compliant work environment? Milton® has many blow tools specifically designed for each industry or application. Today we focus on the S-148 Safety Lever Blow Gun. This product has many features that position it at the top of its class when it comes to pneumatic tools.

The S-148 is a safety product that performs to the highest standards in the pneumatic tool industry. Facility managers can be confident knowing that this is an OSHA compliant product and it is conducive to a safe work environment. Easy storage with a built-in hook designed for hanging. This product is lightweight yet powerful. The S-148 can handle cleanup of debris and moisture from any workstation safely and efficiently.

The S-148 serves the industrial manufacturing, food packing, metal working, robotics, woodworking industries, paint, transportation, and many other industries. One main benefit of this blow gun is the safety lever to hand the product for safe storage. As an OHSA compliant tool, it’s deemed a top-of-the-line safety product with low risk for concern. While workers are a huge part of a safe work environment, the tools they use day in and day out will also play a large role in the reduction of incidents. Milton® is proud to offer safe tools and accessories that will always prioritize workplace health and safety.

An asset to almost any working environment, the S-148 can be found in marine, warehouses with heavy debris, woodworking shops, paint shops, and equipment repair shops where debris and moisture are present. It’s compatible with the S-152 7/16” no leak rubber replacement tip, ULR hose, and quick change plugs and couplers.

Milton® Industries has a long history of setting the quality standard for pneumatic tools and this product is a best in class example of that reputation. Shop now for this safety tool:

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