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Colorfit® Color Connect Coupler System

Colorfit® Color Connect Coupler System

Video Transcription

Hi, I’d like to take a moment to introduce you to Milton®’s ColorFit®, color coded connector system.

Its available in 4 popular styles.

The Milton® M Style® in Red
The A style in Green
The T- style in Blue
And the Milton® HIGHFLOWPRO™ in Purple - it delivers up to 70% more flow than other coupler systems

Why the ColorFit® Connector System?

Well have you ever picked up a plug that is plugged into your air tool and try to plug it into your air line and it looks like it should plug in, but it doesn’t plug in? Then you take another plug that looks the same and that one works.

These 2 plugs look the same, but they’re not the same. So what’s an easy way to tell them
apart? Color Coding.

Are there other uses for ColorFit®?

This is my lubricated line, it goes with my lubricated air tools and this is my dry line and it goes with my non-lubricated tools, such as a blowgun. So I can plug my blow gun into my dry line because it has the Milton® M-Style® plug. The lubricated line has the T-style plug which is blue. So it keeps those connected. I can't actually plug my dry tool into my lubricated line and I can't accidentally plug my dry line into my lubricated air tool.

These pneumatic couplers and plugs were made for the shop and for people who demand Milton® quality and performance. All the colored surfaces have durable anodized coating for high scratch resistance and long lasting color. The heavy duty steel sleeve makes the exterior of our couplers more durable and suitable for harsh shop environments

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