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Rubber Tip Blow Gun

Rubber Tip Blow Gun

Video Transcription

Hey Milton® has really done their homework on their new blowgun line. It features everything from the basic blowgun all the way up to a comfort handle with a bunch of different attachments to it.
Part of that line is the S-164 – similar to the S-174, but this one has a fixed rubber nozzle at the top there. You’ll also notice some of the same features as the S-174 –

  • It’s got a brass ¼” inlet
  • Of course, I’ve got to put on the Milton® 727 M-Style® plug – it’s been around for 70 years, can’t miss it
  • Classic Milton® logo
  • No flow control – look at the S-174 that’s got flow control
  • Hang hook
  • Hang loop
  • And if you notice on the handle, what’s really cool about the handle - my fingers don’t slide off. It actually catches my pinky just at the end of it so my hands don’t slip off. I have a better grip on it. You want a better grip when using a blow gun and of course, always wear those safety glasses.


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