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Gauging the right tool for the job: meet Milton Industries' series of digital inflator gauges

Gauging the right tool for the job: meet Milton Industries' series of digital inflator gauges

There are various preparations you have to make when transitioning from one season to another like swapping out the wardrobe in your closet or winterizing pipes and spigots in your home; but have you thought about how you should prepare your vehicle for these transitional times?

When temperatures are fluctuating, especially in the fall and winter months, you should be checking your vehicle’s tire pressure to ensure that it’s at a safe level for getting behind the wheel. Maintaining proper tire pressure improves vehicle handling, reduces risk of tire failure, improves fuel economy, and increases the life of your tires.

The Milton Industries 500 series of digital gauges are performance tested and highly accurate, making them some of the most reliable tools to have in your garage or shop. How does Milton prove their accuracy? Milton’s internal check stations benchmark against calibrated gauges that have sensors to let the operator know when the calibrated gauge has moved out of range; thus, ensuring the process is more reliable than comparing accuracy against another gauge without a sensor.

Milton Industries offers high-quality solutions for your pneumatic and auto needs. With good, better, and the best gauges, Milton has an American-made and mechanic-approved solution that will work for you.

EXELAIRTM Digital Pistol Grip Tire Inflator Gauge (100 PSI)

Milton’s EXELAIR gauge has a reinforced nylon handle for comfort and durability next to an ergonomic trigger used to inflate and deflate the tire. It has an easy clip-on chuck for attachment, and it automatically powers up when it senses a pressure once connected to the tire. It measures in kPa (0-700), kg/cm2 (0-7), PSI (0-100), and Bar (0-7).

530 & 531 Compact Digital Tire Inflator with Pressure Gauges (255 PSI)

With a shortened body and shorter casting, the 530 and 531 gauges give the user more control for less chance of fatigue when inflating or deflating tires. They’re constructed with heavy-duty materials to last longer, even under extreme use and conditions.

Both inflator gauges are equipped with a 360-degree swivel for easy viewing at any angle. A built-in backlight offers better reading even in low light areas. Like the EXELAIRTM, these gauges have four measurement ranges and are protected by a shock-absorbing rubber boot to protect against damage. The difference between these two high-performing gauges is the chuck. The 530 has dual-head air chuck, while the 531 has a dual-head straight foot air chuck.

568 Digital Pistol Grip Inflator Gauge with Lock-On Chuck (300 PSI)

The 568 is one of the best gauges on the market. It has a full 360-degree swivel head and lays flat for easy storage. Its easy-to-use lock-on chuck is ideal for attaching to any tire. The ergonomic handle is designed to be super comfortable. This gauge comes with a 20” rubber air hose, 5” longer than other Milton gauges mentioned above. It has a max PSI of 300, the largest range of any Milton gauge.

580e (0-160 PSI)

The Precision series offers a variety of features which makes it the ultimate tool for professional technicians, diehard prosumers, and the performance racing industry. This gauge features up to 20 times greater accuracy than the most exacting products currently on the market. Using precisely engineered components, it has four units of measure: PSI, kPa, BAR and kg/cm2 with a range of 0-160 PSI plus an unheard accuracy of +/- 0.05%.

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