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Everyday Heroes in the Industries that Milton Serves

Everyday Heroes in the Industries that Milton Serves

As our nation is navigating our way through this global pandemic known as COVID-19, we’re starting to foster a special appreciation for the industries and employees who remain open to bring us essential business to keep our families and communities going through tough times. Milton is proud to serve the following industries through it all. Thank you to all essential workers and businesses for fighting this battle on the front line.

As our economy and businesses shift to the eCommerce space, we’re starting to rely even more heavily on the transportation and trucking industry to ship and deliver our packages, goods, products, and everything else that runs businesses everywhere. As demand increases across grocery stores, hospitals, medical centers, so does the demand for fleet managers, truck drivers, and transportation experts.

Milton has serviced the commercial fleet industry for over 70 years. With tools and products designed by those in the industry, these essential workers can get their jobs done with confidence in our product.

We’re thinking about industrial essential workers too. Line workers, manufacturing employees, engineers, construction workers, managers, and those in the field services industry all fall into the industrial category. These roles are considered essential, as they build and make tangible goods for other businesses to stay afloat. Safety is one of the top priorities in this industry, and we know that industrial companies are doing their best to make sure their employees are staying safe and practicing proper procedures to stay healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Milton has its own line of premium industrial-strength products, known as the Milton Industrial line. From couplers and plugs to hoses and hose reels, Milton provides the tools necessary for the industrial industry to keep working. These are tools you rely on in your toughest applications.

During this pandemic and always, food shortages can be a scary thought. Farmers and ranchers are still committed to providing food for our country to put on the grocery store shelves and on our tables at home. It’s important to think about those who are tending to the fields and growing safe, fresh food for the entire country.

Farming has been a large contributor to the American workforce throughout our country’s history. For more than 70 years, Milton has been the leading supplier of pneumatic accessories and fittings to the Farm & Agriculture/Hardware markets.

There are resources, guidance, and assistance programs for each of these industries to keep working and remain successful during these uncertain times. Milton is committed to providing reliable, durable products so that these industries have one less thing to worry about when operating their business.

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