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Efficiently Add Deicing Fluid to Frozen Brake Lines with The Brake Releaser® from Milton Industries

Efficiently Add Deicing Fluid to Frozen Brake Lines with The Brake Releaser® from Milton Industries

Plenty of responsibilities come with being a truck driver. Safety is one of them.

Imagine the fear you’d feel when you see a semi-trailer gaining speed down a hilly highway, unable to come to a stop because the brake lines are frozen and the road is covered in black ice. Or even consider yourself behind the wheel of a truck losing control of its trailer, afraid of hitting oncoming traffic and putting lives in danger, including your own.

For a few months out of the year, winter is one of the biggest threats to the safety of truck drivers due to icy roads, slick surfaces, and other weather-related potential dangers. With moisture in the truck’s system, there’s a greater chance that ice can form, causing frozen brake lines to wreak havoc and become potentially hazardous to the driver. As Vehicle Service Pros mentions, moisture can be an even bigger issue if the trailer has a disabled ABS, or an anti-lock braking system.

The Brake Releaser® is Milton Industries’ solution. Used as a pre-treatment or emergency air brake releaser, this tool makes it easy to add deicing fluid to a truck’s brake lines to avoid jackknifing or brake-related accidents on the road. When thinking about your driver’s safety, The Brake Releaser® is a cost-effective way to avoid expensive service bills and keep your trip on track. It’s not worth putting your driver or your business at risk.

Bob Allen, inventor of The Brake Releaser®, knows just how dangerous winters can be.

“It was treacherous out there,” Allen stated to FleetOwner. “ There were nights I was out there at two or three in the morning praying to God I make it to my next stop.”

The idea came to him after a near-deadly accident on the highway when he just missed hitting a state trooper on the side of the road. After creating a prototype in 2013, Milton started production in November 2019.

1 solution with 3 easy steps for frozen brake lines

Compatible with semi-trailers, flatbeds, or any other trailer with an air brake system, The Brake Releaser® can be used effectively in three steps: install, add deicing fluid, uninstall.

To install The Brake Releaser®, evacuate air from your trailer brake system before disconnecting the emergency line glad hand. Attach The Brake Releaser® to the trailer glad hand, and connect the tractor emergency gladhand to the Brake Releaser. For best results, make sure the Brake Releaser sits level.

To add deicing fluid, remove the lid from the reservoir and pour in the appropriate amount of deicing solution for your trailer’s brake system before putting the lid back on. Turn the valve to the “open” position, and then move to the cab of your vehicle to engage the trailer air supply. This action will send deicing fluid to frozen brake lines. Finish by turning the valve to the “closed” position before uninstalling The Brake Releaser®. Be sure to reconnect the emergency line to the trailer before proceeding with your trip. The entire process to efficiently apply deicing fluid to your vehicle’s brake lines takes about five minutes.

Trading five minutes of your time and a one-time purchase of The Brake Releaser® can save your business service costs, time in the shop, and potentially save lives during wintry road conditions. It’s worth the investment, of both time and money, to keep your vehicle on the road and your driver safe behind the wheel.

Save big on time and money with The Brake Releaser
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