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Feature Friday: Black Tire Service Gauges & Air Chuck

Feature Friday: Black Tire Service Gauges & Air Chuck

Why Do You Need a Tire Service Gauge?

What is one item you always want to have in your car? A tire pressure gauge. When it comes to keeping your vehicle well-maintained, your tires are a great place to start. A tire pressure gauge, analog or digital, is a dependable tool to let you know when it’s time to fill up your tires with air or if you’re good to hit the highway.

One of the first analog service gauges that came about was the stick, or pencil, gauge. It’s the most convenient tire pressure gauge with its ability to be thrown into the glove box or side of the car door at any time. It’s also an affordable option compared to other types of tire pressure gauges.

Shop for Milton’s Line of Black Service Gauges.

Why Choose Milton for Your Tire Pressure Gauge?

Milton’s two American-made, heavy-duty dual black service gauges are dependable and reliable with a non-slip design, ideal for use in any shop or weather conditions. Both our black poly and matte black options allow you to access hard-to-reach tire valves on cars, trucks, motorcycles, or any vehicle tire. They’re heavy duty, constructed with a nickel-plated brass tubular body for trouble-free performance with a non-slip grip. In addition, both types have dual readings, providing accuracy for PSI and kPA on the easy-to-read indicator bar.

Shop Milton’s Black Matte Dual Head Angled Chuck Service Gauge.

Shop Milton’s Black Matte Dual Foot Straight Lock-On Chuck Service Gauge.

Now that you’ve checked your tire pressure to ensure it has the right PSI, you’ll need a safe connector to hook up to an air compressor or other tool to pump air into your tires. Keeping your tires properly inflated is more beneficial than you may realize. It will help you stop for gas less (meaning less money to spend on gas) and it can make your tires last longer with fewer chances to blow out your tires or lose control of your vehicle. You burn about 1% more fuel for every 3-4 PSI units that your tire is under-inflated. Make sure you have the right tools to keep you safe on the road, including heavy-duty tire pressure gauges and air chucks.

Shop Milton’s Matte Black Dual Foot Straight Lock-On Chuck.

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