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Tech Tips: Building an Efficient Air System

Tech Tips: Building an Efficient Air System

A good compressed air system is key to save on time and money while improving overall efficiency, and quality air can make or break your entire system in your compressed air-powered equipment and machinery. So how do you produce quality air? With quality products and proper set up.

Water and dirt are the biggest instigators when it comes to causing problems in air lines. Air dryers and filters that remove this moisture and impurities are the solutions in order to efficiently operate high-speed pneumatic production lines and limit downtime. If you’re looking to add control and lubricate downstream equipment, adding regulators and lubricators will help.

5 Important Steps to an Air System Set Up

Below are key steps in setting up your compressed air system for maximum efficiency.

  • Main line filter and regulators should be optimally placed at least 20 feet from the compressor. The air will cool down, allowing much of the water vapor to condense naturally for removal by filtration.
  • Main line piping should slope down from point of origin by ⅛” per foot. Any water in the line will flow down to the lowest point for draining.
  • All line drops (work stations) should be taken from the top of the main line. This prevents water from flowing into branch lines.
  • Galvanized pipe is recommended when building an air system.

Follow the illustration below when building a work station drop:

In addition to proper set up of your system, you’ll need high-quality parts in order to have peace of mind when running your air-powered equipment. Milton offers filters, regulators, tools, lubricators, and air tool filters for general automotive applications. In addition, Milton supplies paint and body applications with filters, dryer units, and regulators to get the job done safely and efficiently.

Another product to consider to add quality to your air system is the Milton FRL. It’s a combination unit of a filter, regulator, and lubricator all in one, designed to work together in similar situations. Above all, the Milton FRL saves you time from looking for each individual component that would all be used in the same operation.

Often used for air-powered nailers, staplers, impact wrenches, drills, hammers, and ratchets, the Milton FRL will auto-drain throughout the day as the filter bowl begins to fill so that you have less maintenance and more effective performance. If desired, they can also be manually drained.

What else sets the Milton FRL apart from its competitors? Other FRLs use inexpensive filter elements to keep costs low. Milton, however, uses a bronze sintered filter element for a long-lasting, washable part that won’t deteriorate. These modular FRL accessories allow for bracketed connections that can quickly be inserted and removed, and provides a clean and orderly appearance.

Shop Milton FRLs:

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