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Feature Friday: ACCU-GAGE® by Milton

Feature Friday: ACCU-GAGE® by Milton

Why Do You Need a Tire Pressure Gauge?

When you maintain the right air pressure in your tires, you can maximize the life of your tires through all types of terrain and weather conditions, whether your ride is an RV, motorcycle, bike, car, truck, or trailer. Choosing the right tire pressure gauge is the first step in making sure you’re ready for any season on the road.

When you’re looking for a dependable tire pressure gauge, analog or digital, Milton has your back. Shop our line of Accu-Gage pressure gauges that are precise, accurate, durable, and built to last.

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Analog vs. Digital Tire Gauges

Both analog and digital tire gauges offer accurate readings, so what’s the difference between the two? An analog gauge, otherwise known as a dial gauge, has a needle that shows the reading on a dial. They’re made of mechanical parts that do not require a power source like batteries, unlike the digital tire gauge that requires them in order to read pressure. Digital pressure gauges have a digital indicator that shows the tire pressure on an LCD display instead of the needle.

Which Pressure Gauge Is Right for You?

Dial Style Tire Gauge

Dial style tire gauges are typically used for heavy-duty use over piston-plunger-type gauges. Our line of straight chuck gauges with flexible braided hoses make previously frustrating tire valves easy to reach, for an accurate, quick pressure reading you can get with one-hand.

In addition to providing quick, accurate readings, our tire gauges are also equipped with a deflator valve and outfitted to release extra air from your tires for precise tire pressure adjustment, making them a true safety investment for your vehicle.

Bicycle Tire Gauge

Whether you’re a committed cyclist or ride your bike for an occasional ride, it’s best to have a reliable tire pressure gauge on hand for regular bike maintenance so that your bike stays in top condition for smooth rides.

Our line of bicycle tire gauges is specifically designed for Presta valve tires. These pressure gauges are a quick, heavy-duty solution for checking the air pressure on rubber tires. Designed alongside Quality Bike Parts, the stem of this tire tool is fitted with a deflator valve to bleed over-filled tires so that you can achieve the ideal PSI with options for 15PSI, 30PSI, or 160PSI. Our analog, one-hand bike tire gauges are sturdily crafted, making them a tool you can depend on and the perfect wheel accessory for bicycle tires. They’re also equipped with a deflator valve and outfitted to release extra air from your tires for precise tire pressure adjustment.

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Why Choose Milton’s Line of ACCU-GAGE® Tire Pressure Gauges?

All of our Milton dial tire gauges are ANSI Commercial Grade B gauges (meets ANSI B40.1 Grade B specifications). Unlike piston-plunger-type gauges, the bourdon tube movement is not affected by changes in temperature, humidity, altitude or air stream contaminants. The mechanical accuracy rating is ± 2% from 30% to 60% of scale and ± 3% below 30% and above 60%.

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