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Meet the Milton® Industrial Stainless Steel Reel (2750-12SS)

Meet the Milton® Industrial Stainless Steel Reel (2750-12SS)

Do you need air hose access in a highly corrosive or clean room environment? If so, look no further than the newly launched Milton® Industrial Stainless Steel Pneumatic Hose Reels. These hose reels are made from high quality 304 stainless steel. Made to order, these air hose reels are assembled in our Chicago, Illinois, facility. The end user can choose from several lengths, sizes, and hose types to meet the specific needs of each application.

Milton®’s stainless steel hose reels are designed to perform and hold up in exceptionally challenging environments. For instance, in marine environments – especially oceanic – this product will withstand exposure to moisture, salt water and a variety of extreme temperatures. These conditions cause excessive corrosion, wear, and premature failure. Milton®’s Stainless steel reels, however, are designed to resist corrosion and continue performing under these circumstances.

Clean room environments exist in many industries, including ones where one can find the Milton® Stainless Steel Hose Reel. This product was designed to perform in healthcare, food processing, and pharmaceutical industries. These industries and facilities have strict requirements on cleanliness, but Milton®’s stainless steel reel is constructed to specifically eliminate corrosion and contamination in order to maintain these clean room environments and adhere to safety standards.

Milton®’s new stainless steel reels reflect the high quality standard that Milton® products are known for. Compliance, quality, and safety are key benefits to using Milton® stainless steel reels. Unlike some of our competitors, our stainless steel reels are assembled in the USA and made to order with multiple hose size, styles, and lengths to best fit the particular needs of your operation. All of Milton®’s industry leading blow tools and quick connect universal safety exhaust couplers are compatible with these hose reels. When you pair Milton® SS hose reels with our high performance, oil, and kink resistant ULR hose you are getting the best of what’s available in the market today!

Milton® has a long history of producing products to the highest quality industry standards. Thank you for considering Milton® as your new stainless steel reel provider, and thank you for prioritizing products that are assembled by American workers right here in the USA.

Feature and Highlights:

  • Heavy Gauge SS304 Reel Construction
  • Multi-Positional Guide Arm
  • Swivel Inlet
  • Sturdy Base Plate
  • Multiple hose and fitting size and styles available
  • 4 Way Roller Assembly
  • Declutching Arbor to prevent
  • Adjustable Guide Arm
  • Reverse Winding Resistance
  • Wall, ceiling, and floor mount compatible

Product Specifications:

  • 19.75” Reel Diameter
  • 5.75” Reel Width
  • 21.75” Total Height
  • 5.75”x6.75” Base Plate
  • SS304 Heavy Duty Construction

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