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Meet The Milton® AeroBlade™ 24″ Extension Reach Nozzle Blow Gun

Meet The Milton® AeroBlade™ 24″ Extension Reach Nozzle Blow Gun

Are you having trouble cleaning out narrow spaces in your heavy machinery? We have you covered.

The Milton AeroBlade™ is a high-quality air gun made in the USA. It’s perfect for cleaning radiators, condensers, air filters and any other hard-to-reach places on a car, truck, or farm machine. We incorporate our time-tested 151 valve, which is also used in our other professional Milton-quality air blow guns.

The Milton Aeroblade™ extended nozzle is much longer than other industry-standard extended air tool. Therefore, it will work better for more demanding tasks in agriculture, construction, automotive, industrial, stationary power, and other industries that require a powerful, multi-port nozzle to clean machinery and heavy-duty vehicles.

The AeroBlade™ has a 24” tube with 5 holes on the side of the tube, this allows directing the air flow at 90° from the tube.

The controllable air volume allows you to operate with the right pressure for every job.

In addition to stellar performance, the comfortable grip, combined with the durable and sturdy design, makes for a great tool with even greater longevity.

What Other Features Does The AeroBlade™ Have?

  • Next-gen Design With Extreme Air Volume: 90-degree airflow provides focused high-pressure output of 24 CFM, 5x the air volume compared to similar products.
  • 24” Long Extended Nozzle For Hard-To-Reach Areas: This high-pressure air wand can thoroughly clean and blow away debris from inaccessible air filters, radiators, condensers, machine shops, and machinery from the inside out.  
  • Durable, Lightweight Design: Constructed with industrial-grade aluminum tubing, heavy-duty die-cast body, and threaded cap connection, this air blow gun for cleaning dust and debris is ideal for the toughest applications.  
  • Comfortable Thumb Control: This pneumatic air gun for cleaning has an easy and convenient thumb trigger handle for an ergonomic feel and precise air control to avoid injury and strain to your wrist/arm.  

Get the Milton Aeroblade™ Today!

Whether You’re in the farming or agricultural industry, or in heavy-duty automotive services, the Milton AeroBlade™ is the perfect tool for you! Check out our YouTube video Here or see more information here:


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