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Meet the Milton® 715ST Steel Industrial Interchange M-Style Coupler

Meet the Milton® 715ST Steel Industrial Interchange M-Style Coupler

As the leader in pneumatic tools and accessories for 78 years, Milton® Industries broke the mold when they created the M-Style coupler. Milton® is a company that is always on the cutting edge of innovation. The Milton® 715ST Steel Industrial M-Style quick coupler is a result of Milton®’s constant drive to provide best-in-class pneumatic products. This product provides many benefits to a variety of industries.

Corrosion resistance is one of the key features of the 715ST Steel Industrial M-Style Coupler. Couplers can also be made from brass or aluminum, but in corrosive environments, these metals will corrode far sooner than a high-quality steel coupler. Corrosion resistance extends the life of the coupler, reduces wear, and lowers the chance for contamination in food processing or other clean manufacturing environments. The 715ST meets the military specification MIL-C-4109, which speaks to the level of manufacturing quality of this product. Made to a higher standard and tighter tolerance than the competition, this M-Style quick connect coupler is durable, convenient, and compatible with all competitive M-Style couplers and plugs.

Widely used in the construction industry for road, bridge, and building projects, this product performs in the most demanding environments. Milton®’s steel couplers also serve the marine, medical, mining, manufacturing, health & beauty, and food and beverage industries. This corrosion-resistant coupler is perfect for marine environments, food processing, medical, and pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities. The 715ST will perform in the most demanding environments while helping your facility maintain a level of cleanliness that manufacturing food, pharmaceuticals, and consumer goods require.


• Maximum Pressure: 300 PSI

• Maximum 40 SCFM

• Working Temperature: Up to 250 degrees F

• 1/4″ NPT – Female

• ¼” Basic Flow Size

• Compliant with military specification MIL-C-4109

Pairing Milton®’s steel couplers with their ULR hybrid hose gives you a combination of premium quality wear and corrosion resistant products which you can count on to perform. The only thing left to do is to change out your old, underperforming couplers to the Milton® Industries M-Style Steel Quick Change couplers.


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