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Milton® Celebrates National Aviation Day

Milton® Celebrates National Aviation Day

Milton® Serves the Aviation Industry

When you think of an airplane, you think about being in the air, right? Do you ever give a thought to the landing gear though? Someone does. Rather, a whole team of people do. This subsystem of an aircraft is one of the most critical systems of the airplane. It’s what allows you to taxi to the runway, take off, and land safely at your destination. Aerospace engineers and manufacturers are constantly working on improving the performance of landing gear, and Milton® certainly contributes.

The Importance of Safe Landing Gear

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has an Aircraft Certification Service that is composed of engineers, scientists, inspectors, test pilots, and other professionals who ensure that the entire aircraft – including landing gear – is safe for the pilot, passengers, and cargo. Airworthiness is no small feat. It involves numerous rounds of testing and inspecting in order for an aircraft to be certified to be in the air.

Landing gear is a contributing factor to the safety of an aircraft. Its design takes into consideration the strength, stability, control, and clearance of the plane. The process of designing this system is extensive from concept and preliminary designs to analysis, assembly, testing, and evaluation.

How Does Milton® Contribute?

Aircraft manufacturers use radial tires for landing gear. They’re lighter and typically provide a longer lifespan for the aircraft. One of Milton®’s newest digital tire pressure gauges is the AV1091, designed specifically for aircraft tires, measuring pressure 0-750 PSI. Its straight chuck head and 15” high pressure hose assembly makes it ideal for aircraft technicians and service professionals to reach the tires at the right angle in order to check the tire pressure. Its field calibration capable with a sturdy, high-pressure hose whip assembly for simply better air within an aircraft’s landing gear. Using reliable tools like this digital aircraft tire pressure gauge will give both passengers and employees peace of mind when taking off and landing.

Milton® creates numerous products to serve the aviation industry from hoses to gauges, fittings, and air chucks. It’s a brand you can trust when it comes to performance and safety, for the aviation industry and beyond.

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