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Deluxe Blow Gun Tip Kit

Deluxe Blow Gun Tip Kit

Video Transcription

Hey Milton® really hit a home run with this new blowgun line. We’ve talked about the S-174KIT before, the S-164 – Here’s the S-194, what’s so different about this one? Here, let me show you.
Standard ¼” inlets

What would a Milton® blow gun be without a Milton® 727 M-Style® plug – gotta put that on there!
It’s got a hang hole
4” bent stainless steel nozzle

Of course it’s going to have the OSHA compliant notch – that means that if air does get blocked at the end, air gets diverted off to the side. You’ll also notice it’s got this little ring at the top of it what this ring is for is that it does accept other blow gun accessories like rubber tips, silencers, you name it – it will accept it.

Here’s the really cool feature about this tool, if you look at the handle – it’s a dual material handle. It gives it a bit of a more comfortable grip, but if you notice where my fingers are at – my fingers are a little off to the side. My fingers are not in front of it – they don’t need to be. There’s a little ridge down the center and all I have to do is a simple little action to open the handle Speaking of opening the handle – no flow control. Know where the flow control is at? It’s built into the handle.


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