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Safety Tip Blow Gun Kit

Safety Tip Blow Gun Kit

Video Transcription

As always wear safety glasses. That’s the first and foremost thing for safety. Let me show you the new S-174. Milton® has come up with a great new brand of blowguns. In fact go Take a look at them

Let me show you one that’s really cool, it’s the S-174. I’ll walk you around the tool, show how it works a little bit and then we’ll show you some applications for this tool that I think you’ll find really impressive.

What we’ve got here on the S-174KIT is:
The Milton® M-Style® 727 plug
We have a brass inlet and we’ll show you a close up of that in a second
Obviously the classic Milton® logo
The variable flow control
When I tighten the top knob it will reduce the flow
When I open it up it will actually increase the amount flow
It has a hang loop
A hang hook

Another safety feature on this blow gun is the safety notch at the top of it which is a notch cut out which will divert air if the end of it were to get blocked

Here’s the really cool part it comes with a 3 piece adapter the first piece is the main piece,which is the adapter. What it has is 1/8” NPS threads at the top and the bottom is just a groove that slides over the nozzle. Let me show you how that works. All I do is slide this over the 6mm nozzle, now what I can do is use ANY 1/8” NPS blow gun accessory that threads on the end of it and now I have a multi-purpose blow gun

This one here that I’m going to use now is the venturi tip. Venturi tip easily screws onto the end of this. The purpose behind the venturi tip is, you see the 2 holes in the side, what is does is draws air from the sides as air coming out of the blowgun and it increases the flow of air.

Let me show you the last one we’ve got for this kit, which is really cool. It’s a rubber tip – simply thread on the rubber tip, now all of the sudden, I have a rubber tipped blowgun. Rubber tips are great for areas where you don’t want to mar or scratch up a surface or you‘ve got to get into some place tight and clear out a line.


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