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Introducing the Tommy Wheel Bearing Puller, the ultimate tool for tackling stubborn Ford, Subaru, Tesla and other wheel bearing hubs in the industry. This efficient tool revolutionizes the process, enabling technicians to effortlessly extract the wheel bearing in a matter of seconds on select Ford and Subaru models. Unlike its competitors that pull at awkward angles, Tommy adopts a unique approach. By utilizing three robust push rods to triangulate the force, Tommy delivers an incredible amount of energy, resulting in a straight and effortless removal of the bearing as if it were just installed.

But wait, there's more! With the addition of the Tommy Rail, technicians can apply even greater force to the wheel hub, making any wheel bearing removal a breeze. This innovative feature introduces another point of contact between the Tommy assembly and the wheel bearing flange, enabling the tool to handle even greater loads. No matter how tough or rusted the wheel bearing may be, the Tommy Wheel Bearing Puller, along with the Tommy Rail, can apply enough force to ensure a smooth and successful removal every time. Trust in Tommy for efficient, quick, and reliable wheel bearing extraction.

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Tommy Rail

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