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Breathe Clear with Milton®’s

New Non-Petroleum & Safety Air Tool Oil


Why use Bio-Oils?

  • Less damage to the environment
  • Less dependent on fossil fuels
  • Less toxic for workers
  • Bio-Oils biodegrade and are decomposed more quickly and leave less of a carbon footprint compared to petroleum and synthetic ester
  • Many State, Federal and local governments require the use of bio-oil in their locations.

Are Bio-Oils compatible with existing oils and will they void equipment warranties?

  • Most bio-oils meet or exceed manufacture specifications
  • Bio-oils may be mixed, but with any oil it is recommended to replace with same type and grade
  • Although warranties do not normally apply to lubrications please check with the manufacture to ensure compatibility

Do Bio-Oils cost more?

  • Yes and No depending upon grade of oil and what meets the manufacture lubrication specifications.
  • Bio-Oils can cost more than petroleum based products, but they are a small part of a maintenance budget and can save in clean-up cost if spilled

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